We never started|

Jemwisper’s compilation of movie scenes and cutouts .   I think this is heart- gripping art…  telling a story … making people cry… hope…feel! This particular edit is called ‘we never started’ …  Thought I might share it with you guys.



Pinstripe shirt dress Zara| Fashion & restless minds

Well, I thought I might share a little fashion post cause I really do love fashion.  For me it is being creative and expressing myself and  because I love designing Fashion myself.

I love this shirt dress. Zara always has so many gorgeous fashionable pieces to offer. These are just snippets. I will insert a full body outfit photo (hopefully soon). I know iphone is not the best but that’s all I have for now .So… sorry.Hope you like it anyways.  By the way: Don’t you think that we live in the best fashion age ever…or is it just me? Imagine if shops were only selling stuff from 2002 …haha…pain for the eyes.

Hat is Zara, necklace from somewhere (similar ones: Anna Saccone brought out a necklace line ) and cuff bracelet is H&M.


With social media it is so easy to stay up to date and caught up in this . But in order to stay relevant you have to push yourself to run with the crowd. Sometimes all this input is nothing but a bunch of noise and I feel like loosing myself. And then I see a person being real…sharing struggle…just being honest… and it warms my heart so much ….

I think being a person who is just so broken and full of life is the most mesmerizing beautiful gift to the world…. Without you I would feel so lonely and akward. Sadly society hates real hearts and soft souls so it bashes them until they turn to stone. And I am so sorry for that (although I feel like soft hearts can not stay cold for too long cause there’s too much need and love for life ).

And I know this is what I want to be.

I wanna be me, with all that I am.  And I can’t help myself but loving life as it is. both awfully miserable and beautifully captivating . And you are one of the stars that makes me hope that reality is not what is seen with the eyes but experienced with the heart.

“I know nothing with any certainty but the sight of the stars makes me hope” v.v.Gogh

Your hope is not in vain. Whatever it is you are a afraid to dare to believe… it is not real because you want it to be real… it is real because it is the truth…

You are indeed captivating beautiful minds. Humans who are just able to just sit beside you  without saying a word they make you feel less lonely. They are the reason I am writing and sharing things… I want to make someone somewhere feel like a someone too.

Love… mel 






useless stay-strong-quotes 

I think that all Those Stay-Strong -and fight quotes are stupid. So stupid and wrong.

This way of thinking created a world which has only place for strong people. And leaves no space for weakness.

And creates people who break themselves and do not allow their hearts to just feel what they feel and believe that this feeling is real and demands to be felt.

And this is called life I guess ….

Don’t be strong, just feel what ever you feel. And if you feel nothing ,  then feel nothing and believe your heart that this is all there is for that very moment.

And letting yourself be weak and your heart feel, is probably one of the bravest things you could do. I feel like one day I hopefully fully understand this myself, that being strong is nothing I ever wanna be.

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Falling out of love|the art of pretending you’re not


I do not know much …but i feel like falling out of love is not possible. I believe that we can have a crush on someone or like someone very much and realize afterwards that you were not compatible at all. But I don’t think that love  has the ability to stop.

And Somehow i believe that the reasons why relationships grew cold and you distance yourself from one another is all the little things you never talked about. The hard words, the insensible way you talk to someone, the making fun of them, the not-listening, the not-asking, the not-believing-in-their-dreams,manliness or… soul. The not-taking serious-their hurt, the loosing-your-fascination-for-them, the questioning-their-heart when all they need is someone who listens. And especially the not-saying-and-meaning-sorry….
All those things left unspoken.
I am not saying that speaking them out saves anything because maybe you never felt like there was a safe space to open up….

But to be honest I think I really don’t believe that falling out of love exists….A stop-liking-someone or a stop-caring …but a stop-loving-someone? Is it true love’s nature to ever stop?

I feel like this could easily be misunderstood. By know means I’m saying  you should stay with a person who is doing you no good, but after all maybe this wasn’t love at all.

I think true love is an exception from everything you know.

And I am also scared to believe that this is really true but I would rather pour out my heart to believe it than settle for anything less.
I don’t need to find „a“ boyfriend or date „somebody“. I just need you – the Love of my life. And that is a person not  a somebody. I really don’t get the whole idea of dating. I just don’t get it.

It’s almost portrait as some essential activity you have to partake in. Constantly throwing yourself out there in search for someone. But isn’t this a little ridiculous, opening up constantly to someone who stays a few weeks, month or just one day.
I just don’t get it. Why would I do that to yourself, and why is this considered to be normal?

You fall in love with a person . A someone. And you start liking them because of who they are.

They are not just a boyfriend/ a girlfriend/a husband/ a wife or otherwise everybody could take their place. You fall in love because their is nobody like them. And if it is so, maybe it will never stop and never let you forget.
Even if life seems to prove so often that love or faint doesn’t exist, somehow against all logic I still believe it does. I believe that everything happens for a reason. And I do believe most people secretly do too. even the so called „pessimists“ are just people who’s dreams have been shattered to pieces by life. Because sometimes I feel like I am that person that secretly is still hopes. You can’t make you heart stop hoping, dreaming… can you?
It’s just the mind that gets convinced easily… the heart still believes…

If you think now that this way of thinking sounds awfully romantic, then I have to say…It is. haha…

But maybe it doesn’t equal being unrealistic. We will see, I will report back in 40 years.

Love Mel (Picture was taken on the day that I had the worst hike of my life)

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P.s.: Lately I am a little obsessed with Beau Taplin’s writings… I think he has such a unique breathtaking way of putting things…I like the way he seems to think sometimes…