Benefit porefessional primer dupe| KIKO skin trainer CC blur

Since I had a little shopping “problem” ( to say the least), I payed a visit to our local KIKO store only to walk out with some make up in my bag and a guilty feeling conscience a few minutes later. But yolo right .. lol.

The primer I bought convinced me immediately because my pores basically disappeared when I swatched it on the back of my hand.

I have used it a couple of times and I am loving it so far. I always thought primers wouldn’t make that much of a difference in how your makeup looks and lasts, but it does make a difference!

It does half of foundation’s job by evening out texture and color correcting- that’s of course if you use a good primer.

Kiko’s skin trainer CC blur is one of those good primers you should invest in. Benefit porefessional is hyped for a reason but the price tag makes me hesitate (it’s about 35 bucks for 22 ml).

The skin trainer costs about 24 $. It is not drugstore pricing but I guess a primer is where you want to invest.
Especially when you’re struggeling with caky makeup, redness or blemishes like I do. It really  does help! And it doesn’t irritate my slightly visible perioral dermatitis, so that’s always a plus. You don’t need to use a lot of foundation and therefore your makeup looks more natural, more skin-like.

I tried to capture it’s effects in a swatch but the photography doesn’t show it as well. If you take a close look you can see that the left side is a  bit more blured out.


But you can go to your local kiko store and grab a tester and see for yourself. Do you guys have primer secrets? I would love to know.

xx Love Mel



Day 2-3| 10 day water fast

DAY 2• Not eating was easy on day two. I felt like I had lots of energy and because I was planning on doing a 3-day-fast at this point, I wasn’t caring too much about carefully portioning the energy that is left. After spending some time at the beach weakness got me and I crashed out. Headaches still present but bearable. Continue reading “Day 2-3| 10 day water fast”

starting 10 day water fast for clear skin

Currently I am writing about my fasting experience while doing it. But I thought, hey you know what? Why don’t I just share every single day like a diary. Keep it short and sweet. So I’ll keep you guys updated.

It just so happened that I was watching videos about water fasting these last days and researching the benefits of fasting. People talk about food allergies disappearing, illnesses leaving just because your body is getting some rest from digesting and time for healing itself. And the one thing that got my attention was of course people talking about their skin clearing up. Continue reading “starting 10 day water fast for clear skin”

Under eye creasing| make your concealer work

Time to talk about concealers. If our skin is having a bad day or shows any form of blemishes, we feel the need to cover up. 

This is when I began to truly appreciate a good concealer. I tried drugstores camouflages and creams but everything that is thick in consistency also puts unnecessary layers on your skin, leaving it looking older (not the look to go for). Continue reading “Under eye creasing| make your concealer work”

How my hair grew more than 20cm in one year | haircare

It just so happened that I was thinking about hair. I know- the vanity is real guys. Here’s the thing: I always had long, thick hair and I never knew what a blessing that was until my body started to act a bit weird and thought it was a good idea to throw out some hair. I basically lost a lot of hair than normal for over 2 month.

And the other thing is, I cut it short one year ago because (long hair people will understand this-),because I was always wondering what it would look like. Continue reading “How my hair grew more than 20cm in one year | haircare”

How to get rid of Blackheads and enlarged pores| Skincare

If you are like me and you have a little obsession with skincare, I’m sure you’ve heard about korean skincare and their double cleanses, oil cleanses, sheet masks etc. And if you are into natural skincare you might avoid remedies like chemical peelings because you think they’re bad. And if you have dehydrated dry skin with blackheads you may find nothing helpful on the internet.

I think dry, dull, dehydrated skin pared with blackheads and acne is quite rare. I am not talking about combination skin. I never understood how this is even possible.  So that is how I deal with blackheads and my semi-dry skin. Continue reading “How to get rid of Blackheads and enlarged pores| Skincare”

Best drugstore foundation for olive toned skin

I was never the full-face-of-foundation kind of person but since I’m fighting with some blemishes I need some coverage.

I am trying out  L’oreal’s True Match for about a year now and I have to say that I’m loving it at the moment. Especially because it doesn’t look caky at all. That’s always a plus for someone who has dry skin. It covers so well and you need so little. Many people love this foundation for a reason and I am thankful that there is a yellow-based-foundation out there that is on the cheaper side. Continue reading “Best drugstore foundation for olive toned skin”