March music| song favourites

Can someone please explain why music is able to tackle your heart and feelings in the blink of an eye and grab your soul with a simple melody that reminds you of who you are and what you really do believe in…. Well I can’t. But that’s how I feel about what music does…what art does to people… about a picture…about songs.

Where explaining is not needed and you just get it… or you don’t ….


To be honest I don’t mean to sound like a grandma but I rarely feel anything when I listen to todays’s music…. Often words are meaningless and empty…. But then again, maybe there will always be just a few who master the art of taking your heart right back to it’s real self… or brush your soul with a simple truth that sets you free….

The art of being an honest raw soul who is willing to face all the hate just to make someone else feel less alone. That sounds quite cheesy …I know… I am a romantic at heart…. Artist will understand

Anyways this is the song I am currently listening to on repeat. It’s an acoustic version of xx’s song ‘intro’ by city of the sun.


P.S. The featured image is from pixabay–  unfortunately I don’t have any cool headphone shots on my macbook. thanks for reading.  I hope you’ll have a lovely weekend.

xx Mel