Butter lipcolors for whiter teeth| astor

I am a little bit of a lip make up horder. And I don’t even use that much make up on a daily basis. I am obsessed with nude colors and if I have to be honest they are propably all the same shade.
soft_sensation_lipcolor_butter_ultra_vibrant_020_340x343One day I picked up the Astor Lipcolor Butter in the shade ‘Flirt neutral’ and I fell in lovewith it. It is a orangy coral color with a tint of wine. It is hard to describe. If I am just going for a my-lips-but-better-look, I will take a little bit of lipcolor on my finger and dab it on- works great. Overall the Lipcolors appear more glossy than matte but I always perfered nurishing lipcolors over matte lips anyways.
But when they launched the matte lipcolor butters Isoft_sensation_lipcolor_butter_matte_027_340x343 bought another one in the shade  ‘elegant nude’ A wine-ish, mauve-iah, burgundy-ish red with a tint of blue. The matte colors look as matte as a butter lipcolors can look- not that much. But again, I do not mind that. It is buildable and even if it is a perfect autumnal shade, it looks just as good on tanned summer skin.

Both colors are kind of seasonless. And I don’t know how that is but I’m telling you, they are great. Also sold pretty quickly.  I’m not quite sure about the other shades though.

Did you ever noticed that your teeth look a little bit more yellowish when you wear bright summer colors like coral and orange, especially when you’re not having a tan? The yellow tint  is apparently responsible for this .
These are two shades in the Astor lipcolor line that I absolutely adore. They both have a subtle blue tint and complement winter as well as summer skin.  I noticed that my teeth were looking whiter everytime I use them. I can’t put my finger on what’s the deal with these two lipcolors but they are priceless. Speaking of: Astor is a drugstore brand therefore the price ranges from 4 to 6 £. Sold pretty expensive on amazon. If you plan on visiting europe, you should defenitly give these a go. It is hard to get the color right on pictures but I tried.

Elegant Nude


Flirt Neutral


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Love Mel

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