Millenials| random thoughts


Some thoughts on millenials. Or our generation. Generation Y. Whatever you wanna call it. I think you are part of this generation if you are between the age of 19 and 35… I actually like our generation. I think that this generation is a little bit lost somehow…. searching for something new …something different …something we’ve never seen but we somehow long for… And I think millenials struggle with this conflict between not agreeing with the concept of society we experienced growing up and this yearning for more.

Maybe this strive for self-fulfillment and this state of living inbetween everything makes everyone wonder what we actually want….

I think  we are looking for meaning. I think we feel lost. And being uncertain about everything makes us question everything we know and leaves us passiv from time to time. A generation somehow waiting to be redeemed.

The “you have to do it yourself” and “you are your own god” or the new age – approach is not the way to go… Maybe we need to be redeemed….and maybe that is not a bad thing at all…


 Love Mel




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