Atlas mountains| what to pack when backpacking

There is a point while traveling where you don’t care what you look like anymore and you start wearing whatever feels comfortable. That’s clearly what happened to me. I always pack far too many things and end up wearing the same outfits everyday. Essentials to pack on a trip are sleeping bag, shirts, cardigan, the jacket you are wearing, 2 pairs of trousers, 2 shorts, 2 tops, bikini, journal, camera, book, your skincare products in  100ml travel sized containers which you can get at any drugstore, (SUNSCREEN!!),small batiste dry shampoo comes in handy, sunglasses and a small decent amount of make up.dscn1858-2

GE DIGITAL CAMERA               Processed with VSCO with k1 preset




Don’t pack scissors , needles or sharp nail files and make sure that all your fluids are in 100 ml bottles and containers. Half emptied 200ml bottles do not work. Pack max. 10 containers and put them in resealable freezer bag. Pack a few extra freezer bags. You can even use them to package cotton pads soaked with toner to avoid bringing more bottles. Don’t foget to buy hand sanitiser! I would recommend packing 90% comfortable and 10% cute when it comes to clothing- leggins are girls best friend and look cute. Keep in mind  your flight’s cabin baggage allowance. Ryanair for example:

“All Ryanair passengers get 2 free cabin bags, one 10kg bag (max. size: 55cm x 40cm x 20cm) and one small bag (max. size: 35cm x 20cm x 20cm)”

Put your wallet, tickets and camera in your small bag and never leave it out of your sight or at the hostel. (+sunscreen, tissue paper!!,hand sanitiser and obv Mascara 😉 or in my case eyeliner). Your camera will be tossed a lot so make sure you keep it in a small bag. I broke mine in the desert.





All those shots were taken on the road from Marrakech to Ouarzazate. All photos were taken by different people so I don’t know who to give credit. I just edited all of them. I love how diverse morocco is. Fez is basically nothing like Marrakech and Merzouga is also like a whole nother world…

Love Mel

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