ACNE – when nothing else helps| water fast detox results

DAY 8 – Breaking the fast

Today was the first day that I was like: Okey I might be ready for some food again… That was the reason I broke my fast in the evening. I felt like any extra day would have meant stress for my body and that is what I’m trying to avoid.

I started of with some fresh pressed orange-lime juice and munshed on a few oranges and an apple. I could not believe how sugary they were although the oranges here normally taste very watery. And I am so glad I did that. I don’t know what will happen to my skin but I am convinced that it is more important to listen to your body and gut instinct. You should never push yourself to go longer than you are comfortable with. No one knows your body and what it needs. The most important thing is to listen to what you believe is best for yourself.


Skin update- acne cleared up?

My skin cleared up so much during those 8 days. I was so glad about that. The texture has gone down a lot and I would say it improved about 70%. The redness is still there. I am very happy about that because I really didn’t want to prolong this fast.

Right now I am informing myself about post-fast diets and what to eat. I am just a little concerned about gaining exess weight . Fat and water is also used to store toxins in your body. When the toxins go, your fat and water goes, the Inflammation and therefore pimples go. For my skin to completely heal up, would have taken a little bit longer than 8 days but those 8 days really really did help!

But there is something else that I realised and learned about my skin during this time. I am pretty convinced that the origin of my rash/ pimples is a food allergy that caused perioral dermatitis. Right now I am trying to find out what caused it since I am not able to take an allergy test during my travelling. I do not wanna go into too much detail but the main reason I am convinced that this is not normal acne is, that it doesn’t ever heal up if you know what I mean. The same little bump will stay there for weeks. It is very likely that this is a fungus or an allergic reaction.

Although fasting helped my skin a lot, it is not done yet. Finding out the trigger will be my next step. I am glad that I did it… not just for my skin but for my health. I would Insert some pictures of how my skin looks right know but you can’t see the skin texture on them…  Idk let me know if I should Insert them anyway.

Conclusion fasting

· helps to reduce inflammation

· clears up skin when nothing else is working

· if you are not following a healthy lifestyle, maybe you don’t have to take drastic measurements like fasting. Start by cutting out dairy, sugars, refined oils for a while and see if it helps

· for fasting you need a lot of time to sleep and rest

· I would recommend doing smaller fasting periods from time to time

· listen to your body and do not force yourself into going any further than you feel comfortable with

· weight loss helps your body to get rid of fat that is stored in your body for years and holds toxins and excess water. Maybe you will gain some weight back if you are not careful but it will not be the stubborn fat that you lost… I am not so sure about myself though…feeling pretty hungry…:)



Love Mel



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