Day 6-7| 10 day water fast detoxing

DAY 6 • I recon everyone is talking about christmas and I’m over here fasting lol. I guess it’s due to the hot weather. I feel like I get very caky-cookie-pudding during the winter and then I crave more comforting foods.

Okay here we go: I still feel a little hungry but I am not constantly thinking about food.

My pee still is that yellowish brownish color. I am experiencing a very dry mouth although I drank about 6 liters of water (and my pee is not clear- can you imagine)

Emotionally I have to admit that I realized that I often use food as a suppressor for feelings. And when you have nothing to eat, you think about stuff or at least you take note of those feelings in a more present way.

I am catching up on christmas vlogs at the moment so I am a little distracted and enjoying my rest.


Today I did some food prep for glorious day 10  since I imagined having no strengh to create something healthy at the end of the fast. You might think that food prepping would make you hungry but it actually  doesn’t. It makes you kind of exited for day 10.

I will start with some fruit smoothies with more citrus fruits in it and than transition to green smoothies. I will probably  do a post-fast  blogpost about diet and avoiding yo-yoing after fasting.

I noticed that I’m sometimes feeling very short breathy especially in the mornings and I doscovered that getting some fresh air and opening all the windows helps a lot.

Also, seeing this much detox going on right know in my body I am wondering of 10 days are enough for my body to heal. It feels like it’s really diggin the downtime. Anyways, on to skin updates:

My skin is kind of bad right now. But not in a it-got-worse kinda way but more in a why-is-it-not-miraculously-healing kinda way.  Maybe my body is a little busy detoxing my organs (priorities- right)…


The skin on my whole body is kind of flaky and dry. I heard others talking about this as well. Maybe it is because the body is producing new skin cells and shedding the old skin… or maybe I am drying out …lol…I’m not sure.

Later in the evening my neck pain moved downwards and my back started to ache really bad. It lastet for a few hours and disappeared when I woke up the next day.


My tongue feels sahara-level-dry today. I realized that my headaches were completely gone and that is nice. As I mentioned in yesterdays report, my back pain is also gone. I’m not feeling hungry and I’m having more energy. The back of my mouth started to hurt when I swallow though.

The brain fog also stopped, which was also nice. Also for people who have problems with breathing in general: The last couple of month I felt like I was unable to take deep breaths. It was literally work to remember breathing in deep. I was very stressed out and very short breathy. But now it kind of feels like something has shifted and I breath in deep without even thinking about it… I’m not quite sure how that happened. I guess this also might have something to do with the fact that I am able to breathe through my nose.

Skin update:  Skin wise I am doing better today. The overall texture has improved a lot.

So far so good. Two more days to go!

Love Mel


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