DAY 4-5 | 10 day water fast| detoxing and dehydration

Day 4 • I am still drinking lots of water. Strangely my pee was very stinky and yellow today (TMI again – sorry).

Important:  I heard that if you hold many toxins in your body, your ability to retain water decreases and you are probably dehydrated. And I know that this may be me. I always drink lots and lots of water and my skin is still looking dull and dry and my pee (i dont like the word urine – excuse) still is yellowish. At least this would make sense.

 Headaches are still subtle and not that big of  a deal. I woke up pretty hungry again and feeling as weak as you could possibly feel. Although I figured out that this weakness that I am experiencing every single day is getting better during the day. It is just these few hours after waking up.

Others also noticed that I already lost a lot of weight. But it is probably water weight, emptied glycogen stores and the fact that my gut is emptied out. I probably lost about 1 kg body fat in 4 days. and my face finally slimmed down again. It was looking really puffy for the last 2 years. The funny thing is that one side was actually  puffier than the other one haha.

Although I know it is temporary, I can’t lie, I’m loving my figure right know and I feel far more confident in my skin (literally). Except the smell coming through my pores is a little disturbing, I have to say.

Interesting fact: Any calories or nutrients require energy to be broken down and digested therefore Supplements and minerals are actually hindering and not necessary. Plain water is the best way to detox. Therefore I will pass on the minerals for the erst of the fast.

Also: Caught myself looking for gluten free vegan baking recipes. Guess I am still very hungry. I do not recommend looking at food pictures! Don’t do that. Or you will end up planning a feast for glorious day 10. And the refeeding process better be healthy and slow…

IMG_0898.jpgI am trying to rest as much as possible. Planning a fast when you have a busy week is not such a good idea. Maybe a juice cleanse would suit you more in that case. Resting is essential. Quick skin update : It is not getting better. But  I  think I have to give it a few more days . picmonkey-collage


It has been easier so far. I am feeling less hungry, less dizzy and weak, less brain fog, less tired.
Detox symptoms: yellow pee, slimy stool, short sharp pain in the liver region, skin is a little bit bad. I guess due to my messed up sleeping patterns. I’m a little surprised that I still had some bowel movement after 5 days.

I noticed myself breathing through my nose for the first time in month without any problems. Normally one side of my nasal passage is closed and I always have to sleep with my mouth opened. So that was a great dicovery.
Overall I am feeling normal today, for the first time in 5 days. Everything feels good and healthy so far. I didn’t experienced any dramatic detox symptoms although these last few days were pretty draining.

I am also kind of  glad to see detox symptoms? It shows that things are moving, changing for good and that my body is kind of welcoming this whole experience, if that makes sense…

love mel



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