Day 2-3| 10 day water fast

DAY 2• Not eating was easy on day two. I felt like I had lots of energy and because I was planning on doing a 3-day-fast at this point, I wasn’t caring too much about carefully portioning the energy that is left. After spending some time at the beach weakness got me and I crashed out. Headaches still present but bearable.

IMG_0869 (1).jpgUh almost forgot: This is also what happened… (photo)

I guess the dark layer on the tongue is some kind of detox reaction. I don’t feel quite comfortable sharing this since it is a bit TMI but….you know… life.

Skin update: Skin is neither better nor worse. Although the ocean water did its wonders as always.



I woke up with my muscles aching. Or my joints. I’m not quite sure. Not that good with pain localization. Headaches are slightly more subtle. Still drinking tons of water. Because I woke up pretty hungry (!!) I decided to eat one orange in the morning and reduce my activity level. I was really thinking about breaking my fast today… but after seeing many videos and reading more about the benefits of slighty longer fasts I decided to go for the 10-day-fast since I’m already a third through and still feel quite comfortable doing it.

Videos recommended to break your fast when your body finished detoxing. Apperantly the hunger only last for 5 days and after that you will become truely hungry again the day your body is ready for some food. We’ll see we’ll see. If it doesn’t feel comfortable anymore, I’ll stop. I also feel like my mind is clearer even though it is accompanied by some stages of intense brain fog.

Skin update: The last couple of days I stumbled upon a video about the connection between yeast infections or fungus and acne- those little bumps who feel like pimples but smaller, like blackheads but more like whiteheads. They’ve been spreading around my face (forhead, hairline, cheeks, chin, jaw, around the mouth) and givin my skin such a weird texture. You can not pop them out (don’t pop them out!!) and you should not treat them with irritating skin care products like retinol. That is what I learned pretty quickly while still having no idea what I’m dealing with.

They mysteriosly do not heal, they just sit there and don’t come out. I panicked because I didn’t know what it was, I just knew that reacting that sensitive to sugars can not be normal and due to spiking insulin levels. It also doesn’t look like the normal hormonal breakouts you get from time to time.

And this yeast-infection-thing (called malassezia folliculitis )made sense to me because I don’t know why my skin is getting so bad everytime I eat just a teeny tiny bit of sugar or some carbohydrates.( -funguses and yeast infections feed themselves of sugars like crazy).
And if this really is a fungus I would like to get rid of it through fasting. And if it is not, thats fine cause I am on day three and it is already showing some results. When I woke up this morning my skin was doing so SO much better then yesterday! It completely calmed down and my skin texure improved a lot. I think the salt water helped as well as fasting and sleeping. I also use honey masks pared with steaming sessions. Honey is very beneficial for the skin, it has astringent properties, is moisturizing and gentle.


I decided to treat my skin with a ketoconazole containing cream, which you can buy at the pharmacy. I still don’t know if it is a fungus but just in case. I want this end fast! (No pun intended)

Love Mel

day 3 photos are from pixabay


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