starting 10 day water fast for clear skin

Currently I am writing about my fasting experience while doing it. But I thought, hey you know what? Why don’t I just share every single day like a diary. Keep it short and sweet. So I’ll keep you guys updated.

It just so happened that I was watching videos about water fasting these last days and researching the benefits of fasting. People talk about food allergies disappearing, illnesses leaving just because your body is getting some rest from digesting and time for healing itself. And the one thing that got my attention was of course people talking about their skin clearing up.

These last weeks my skin was getting worse and worse. Bad skin really gets to you. I don’t know why it has the power to do so but it does. I really want to try it out since I know that my flare ups and breakouts and blackheads are directly linked to my digestive system. If I consume just a teeny tiny bit of sugar, my skin reacts. I think that this is not normal. And I am starting to think that this could be a yeast infection. I saw a video of someone talking about malassezia follikulitis and it looks quite similar to what I have.
So if this is a yeast infection I really hope to get rid of it through fasting. And if it is not, I hope that my body can heal so that it doesn’t need to use my skin as a dump for inflammations.

If you are currently fasting yourself or you are interested in doing so, it is important to inform yourself and listen to your doctor or people who are experienced and able to give advice. I do not recommend doing it on your own like I do  although a 10 day fast is not considered dangerous or damaging when it is done right. But you never know how your body is going to react, therefore I would recommend: listen to your body! If you do not feel comfortable don’t push yourself. You can always break your fast earlier. Just don’t do it with chocolate and donuts. Start with juice,fruits,vegetables and than cooked food.

So this is what I experience while fasting. Keep in mind that I’m already familiar with intermittent fasting and therefore my body is quite used to going through longer periods without food. If you never fasted before please do not take this post as a guideline since I am not a professional or a doctor or anyone with the ability to share professional advice.
I’m just writing this down to document my results and symptoms to hopefully help you guys out with some personal experiences about clearing acne and detoxing. And share my opinion on weather it is worth it or not.

My goal is to hopefully get rid of my acne (I am in my 20s, it’s time!!) and my food allergy.

Clear Skin. Hopefully soon. Fingers crossed. Here is…

 Day 1

I would say the first 24 hours were very tough to go through. I felt like I had not eaten in 2000 years.

And I had this very strange sensation where my body was constantly releasing toxins and clearing my mind-of course I don’t know what it was but that’s what it felt like. I tried to sleep as much as  possible but only got 5 hours.

Also: Headaches started in the evening although I probably drank around 5 l of water that day. Initially I planned on doing a 24-hour-fast but when I realized that I probably need to give my body more time to detox, I decided to go on a 3-day-fast.

Skin update: 

So this is what we are currently dealing with. It was also all over my forehead and overall more red and inflamed but I didn’t take any pictures. Oh my, take a look at this beaut.



Skin’s the same. No new breakouts.

See ya tomorrow

Love Mel


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