Lost & Found | summerday shots



I am not a professional photographer and I do not always have the means to transport my message or a feeling through a picture but at times I’m trying to improve my skills with lower quality tools. I will buy a good camera next year though (not being able to express my creativity properly bothers me!)… I just wanted to share a few travel shots. Nothing too exiting but I am currently playing with Lightroom to prepare myself for next year. So far I love it…. One thing that bothers me about vsco-cam is not being able to have more control over the color adjustments.  Don’t get me wrong- I love vsco-cam and I know that it’s a pretty good app for snapshots but I am always a little bit picky with photos and I guess I just wanted to have photoshop. This is a picture post, so I’ll stop rambeling.





Love Mel

Location| Brasil, SC Oceanside




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