Under eye creasing| make your concealer work

Time to talk about concealers. If our skin is having a bad day or shows any form of blemishes, we feel the need to cover up. 

This is when I began to truly appreciate a good concealer. I tried drugstores camouflages and creams but everything that is thick in consistency also puts unnecessary layers on your skin, leaving it looking older (not the look to go for).


Maybeline’s Fit Me concealer has been a favorite amongst drugstore beauty lovers for quite some time now. And now that I emptied mine I can finally share my opinion. 

It is light in consistency and easy to blend with the fingers.People say 2225214it is a dupe for the Nars creamy concealer but I haven’t tried that one out yet. And of course: the price is much more affordable than any high end concealer.

The coverage is medium to build-able  but it doesn’t last all day long. If you know any concealer that stays put all day- let me know.

•If you have to cover up severe acne scars, this concealer will not do the job, maybe you should look into Dermablend stick foundations and use them as a spot treatment.

•If you have oily skin, maybe this concealer could work for your under eye area- to brighten things up.

•If you have olive toned skin and you are looking for concealers in the drugstore to match your foundation, this might be a godsend because the Fit me range has a good selection of skin colors containing yellow pigments.

If you are looking for a concealer to really brighten your eyes up and make you look like you’re high on life, you can try out the  bourjois healthy mix concealer. It is slightly drying though. Some say it is far to yellow toned but yellow tones are right up my alley.

Maybelline’s  Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Concealer is not as drying but slightly less covering and contains more rose tones- great for fair skinned people or if you wanna cancel out the green/blue tones from dark circles.

How to make your concealer work

•If you are going for the most natural look, cover each spot and blemish with a small brush after you applied your foundation and set them with powder, so you only have extra layers where you really need them

•If you experience some sort of flaking while applying concealer, look into chemical peeling’s to get rid of flaking for good and for now just carefully dap on your  concealer with a sponge or your finger to prevent micro exfoliation

How to prevent Under eye creasing with concealers

The struggle for me was always to find concealer that does not crease under the eyes because I feel as soon as powder hits my face, my makeup looks like a dry chalk board ( dry-skin-problems). So setting my whole face was never an option for me.

•The first step in preventing creasing is to prep your skin with some moisture and to use a nourishing cream for your eyes. This also gives your concealer the ability to blend more nicely and to not sit on top of your skin

•If you apply your foundation, you can leave out the area under your eyes to prevent to much layering-(you will apply concealer anyway)

•Do not use too much product, instead you can build it up

•Choose a very finely melt powder and use it just to set. Laura Mercier’s translucent powder is a very loved and highly praised powder as well as the RCMA No Color powder which works perfectly on my dry skin. If you are using a concealer thick in consistency, maybe you don’t even need to set your concealer at all.

•always keep in mind: the thicker the consistency the more likely it will crease

•keep in mind that we all have different skin types, making it work for your skin type may include experimenting with different consistencies and powders, for me this means: Going easy on the powders!


Which concealers do you guys use and how do you make them work? Is there a concealer you could not live without? I would love to hear your favorites since I’m keen to discover new favorites.

love xx Mel

Photos| Maybelline Age Rewind under the eyes, blemishes concealed with the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in the shade 20



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