Weight gain on Rawtill4| vegan dies

I’m still not quite sure if I want to mention that I was following the rawtill4 Diet (which is known amongst many vegans). But when I started to see some side effects I was searching the Internet for “initial weight gain on rawtill4” , “hair loss on a vegan diet” and “acne detox on rawtill4” like crazy.

I followed the rawtill4 Diet religiously for 1 year  (only thing I need to mention is, that I was eating gluten as well). I gained 33 Ibs after 8 month into this diet.
I still don’t know why it took my 1 year to realize that something is off. I also broke out pretty bad and after 9 month my hair started to fall out.

I researched and read so much because I really wanted this to work. Gaining Weight wasn’t really the worst part for me during that time. Having bad skin was making me feel quite insecure.
Because so many people are reporting about initial weight gain, I didn’t question what was happening.

I think the main thing you have to consider is, that everyone is different and  if your body is not responding well to a diet you  need to adjust.

Eating as much as you want ?

I always tried to hit the 2500 cal mark as recommended. I added sugar into my smoothies stuffed myself with pasta. My body was not able to cope with so many calories since I was not needing them.

IMG_2864Not to mention that sugar has no nutritional value in itself and I should have eaten more whole foods instead of empty calories.

Not all carbohydrates are automatically good for your body…  “white” foods (refined) are acidic and need to be neutralized with minerals . They could also leave you craving even more food because your body is still lacking nutrients.

Reading myself into the alkaline diet was helping a lot and made so much sense to me. A plant based vegan diet is mostly alkaline, if it doesn’t include too much “white”. You don’t  need to add extra sugar into your smoothies or eat 10 bananas for breakfast  (by the way, bananas broke me out pretty bad!). Maybe eating 4 would be more beneficial for you.

I am not an expert but generally speaking “eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are full” seems to work pretty well. Not eating when your body doesn’t want to has nothing to to with starving yourself.

Gluten sensitivity?

I found out that I am a celiac. I read that about 30% of the population show some form of gluten sensitivity. Gluten can cause inflammation in the body and cause acne as well as water retention or weight gain in general. Cutting out Gluten for a few weeks  can be helpful to see if you show some kind of reaction.


Right now I’m not counting calories and my body is slowly healing from the damage… I just wish that someone would have told me about some of those things.

After all I have lost about 12 kg since last year and I do not pay much attention to calories. I  try to eat as healthy as possible (or as I want to)  but I do not restrict myself…


I do not believe in metabolic damage….sure some weight gain might be normal but not 33 Ibs… I mean come on..haha




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