Anxiety Culture | visiting Brasil

“Remind yourself that you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing”



Brasil is a beautiful country.  There is something about traveling that makes me feel incredibly lost and hopeful at once. Everything is new and different from what you are used to. And I feel a little bit more ok with being who I am.
I feel like in Brasil a job is a job whereas in Germany a job is somehow connected to your value and social status. Sometimes I feel a bit out of place here because I am not able to meet the standard. Being different and seeing things differently is not something people are comfortable with.



When I travel I feel like I am not less but equal. Like we have the same value. And the distance makes me realize how unreal and insignificant this society actually is. Everybody is lost in their own world. They judge people and things by what they know. And if they see something they don’t understand it is automatically wrong.  And I get that it is scary to get out of your comfort zone. Not having any securities. Not knowing what tomorrow brings. We want to feel save and secure  about tomorrow… But it is scary to think that someday when those securities fall apart we will see that this so called securities are nothing more than illusions that kept us busy.  Busy from thinking, busy from being alone with ourselves, busy from living. Don’t get me wrong, I do not claim that I figured it all out. I just think that it’s dangerous to assume that our securities are actually secure.


If someone likes our pictures, it doesn’t mean that we get approval. If we have many friends on facebook, it doesn’t mean that we actually have many friends. Looking good doesn’t mean that our heart is beautiful. All these things are not real…We all know that but somehow they are still able to influence us as tho they are. This is not about shaming social media. It is about showing that our way of thinking is not necessarily  right just because everybody around us lives the same way.

Seeing other places puts things into perspective and what matters in Germany doesn’t seem to matter here when I stare at the horizon of endless waters. When I see the ocean, nothing seems to matter anymore and for a brief moment I feel lost. I am confronted with myself. And suddenly the reality of this moment seems to be more real than the lies and pressure I am used to feel.




The wise speak only of what they know – J.R.R Tolkien

Love Ifanwy


P.S.: I stole the headline idea from somebody else…I don’t know what their article was about tho…

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