The struggles of starting a blog

Well, finally I did it.

I wanted to start a blog for YEARS but I never really did. There were all those little questions and problems that were stopping me from just giving this blog thing a go.
Maybe some of you who always wanted to start a blog can relate to that. I mean ‘What theme do i use?’ ‘Why do I have pay for my headline font to look fancy?’ Nobody has money for that…at least not me. ‘What language do I use?’ (english isn’t my first language) and most important problem of all problems out there ( well, not really):
Picking a blog name.

I used to start so many blogs or homepages …or websites but i never released even one post. I am quite a perfectionist when it comes to the appearance of something that should represent… me, I guess? I hate crappy designs! (artist problems)

Maybe it is not about figuring it all out… Maybe it is not about using perfect grammar and making no mistakes… and even if nobody reads this posts for months or a year, I should still do what I love even if it is not received with applause by thousands of readers.

I think it is quite intimidating to see all those good looking blogs out there (i do not know many of them), who seem to have a direction and a clear presentation of what they are all about. Not to mention the perfect designs.
But even they started little and maybe they were thinking about the possibility of nobody reading their stuff too -just as I am now.

Maybe it is also as scary as it is because you are putting something out there that you have created or you share a part of you with the world without knowing how the other side will respond to that.

I am sorry for using commas everywhere. I am so used to german grammar (we are using a ton of them!).

So… I hope you like the upcoming content…and enjoy reading it just as much as I love sharing it.

Lots of Love



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